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Wade & Jane Woodward - Founders

In Haliburton, we place a lot of faith in water. We assume it will be pure enough to drink, warm and soft enough to wash with, forever flowing, never flooding and always plentiful.
Since 1987, The Pump Shop has worked hard to ensure that faith hasn’t faltered.

Manager Jesse Woodward, son of founders Wade and Jane, says that’s because their business is built upon the belief that everyone should have reliable access to the water they need.
That simple statement often requires expertise and experience – and that’s where The Pump Shop comes in. Their dedicated team of professionals, which numbers up to 22 during peak season, understands the intricacies of pumps, wells, lake water systems, water purification and filtration. Better still they can help ensure these integral components function year round.
The Pump Shop sells and services hot tubs and accessories, pumps, hot water tanks, waste water systems, water treatment and purification systems and winter and summer systems for homes, cottages and larger institutions. They also open and close cottages, and provide free water testing.

Their team of experts have solved every water-related issue cottage country has thrown at them. They’ll purify the water you drink, ensure it’s available in winter, soften the water you use or install a hot tub. And, of course, if you have a pump-related issue, they’re the obvious choice. They’re expert in reverse osmosis, softener, iron filter and UV light technologies. More than that, they recognize the relaxation water can provide, which is why they have been selling hot tubs since 1997. They represent Beachcomber and sell a full line of accessories and chemicals. They’ll also balance the water in your hot tub so it is ready when you are.

The Pump Shops expertise extends beyond residential and cottage services. In fact, they have designed and installed water systems for most resorts, hospitals and children’s camps in the County.
Their willingness to help with water issues doesn’t stop at the County’s borders. Wade is a Team Leader with Water Ambassadors Canada – an organization that helps provide safe water to needy people in Third World countries. They’ve participated in eight international trips to install and repair wells and filter systems for those in need.

The Pump Shop, located at 5161 County Road #21 in Haliburton, is also a member of the Ontario Groundwater Association, our local Home Builder’s Association and Chamber of Commerce too.

“Over 1 billion People worldwide lack access to clean water,” Jesse says. “We know how important water is.”


Wade is a man that knows water. Dedicated to his field, he carries not only years of experience, but also many licenses that qualifies him to be the man that you need for your water system designs, pump installations, repairs and services. 

The Pump Shop is also a proud member of the Haliburton Home Builders Association.
As a member of the Canadian Water Ambassadors, Wade offers his services to assist in providing water distribution solutions and clean drinking water for the people in developing countries.

 Quote from International Charter Space and Major Disasters:

"A major earthquake of magnitude 7 struck south-east of Haiti, the capital city Port-au-Prince, on Tuesday, 12 January 2009, followed by several aftershocks over 5.The earthquake caused major casualties and damage affecting about 5.4 million people."
The Water Ambassadors of Canada quickly went to their aid. As a member, Wade accompanied by his son Jacob, joined the The Water Ambassadors to assist in Haiti's well repair. Wade later returned to Haiti with his other son Jesse to assist in Haiti's water treatment systems.
Wade is dedicated to his profession and his clients satisfaction. In the truest sense of the word, Wade is the man that knows water.
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Licensed in the following fields:

  • Licensed Ministry of Environment Well Technician
  • Well Construction
  • Drinking Operations of Water Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Drinking Water Operator
  • Water Distribution and Supply
  • The Canadian Ground Water Association
  • Ontario Ground Water Association
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